What is STIMULUS Engineering? 

STIMULUS Engineering is a local small business headquartered in Loogootee, Indiana.  We work to solve customer’s complex issues by listening to them, then provide them the highest quality solution.

At STIMULUS, first and foremost, we strive to deliver.  We’re always pushing to be on schedule, tightening the budget, never satisfied until we deliver the highest quality solution.

Secondly, our approach is straight-forward: incessantly thinking and creating, executing with speed and precision, continually improving.  Trust is our foundation.  We promote an innovative work environment that embraces and respects each employee’s individuality.  We are bonded by shared values and visions, energized with truth talk and transparent in our business processes.  We are all empowered, enabled, and encouraged to take action.

Lastly, more so than simply doing no harm, we always improve our surroundings by way of a recycling program, or keeping the surrounding grounds free from debris.  The Environment is critical to us and we will use the resources we’ve been entrusted prudently.

What does STIMULUS Engineering do?

We do many things, primarily we support NSWC Crane in many of their very important endeavors to our warfighter’s in the field, allowing them to have the best in order to be safe and safeguard all of us!  We are always looking for opportunities that fit into our business model which allows us to grow and improve our process.  We also give back to our communities by supporting many local events, focusing on local youth and STEM.

"Motto, Slogan, Tagline"

Stimulus Engineering Service

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