Company Citizenship

STIMULUS engages people in our communities

STIMULUS will always be a small town small business. While we are supporting critical services for the Department of Defense, creating innovative solutions for workforce development, and building lucrative partnerships across the nation, we are also creating and maintaining jobs in the Radius Indiana region. STIMULUS operates primarily in this eight-county economic development area, where we employ more than 100 people. We encourage all staff to be active and involved in their communities, from Sullivan to Jasper and all points in between.

STIMULUS employees are involved in professional organizations that are making a difference in our communities, making connections and providing unique attractions and events. They are chamber members, festival volunteers, coaches, and mentors.

STIMULUS has planned and organized the WestGate Academy College Fair, now in its second year, as well as the WestGate@Crane Science Fair. These events give regional high school students a much-needed advantage as they develop their talents and prepare for the workforce.

We are also proud to support Crane Tech, a regional innovation center and makerspace devoted to developing STEM talent in the tri-county WestGate@Crane Technology Park. STIMULUS supports this expanding program by volunteering and providing facilities assistance at the WestGate Academy.

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