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STIMULUS creates solutions for the nation’s workforce needs, assisting the launch of STEM Premier, a nationally recognized company that ranks Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students for higher education and career advancement and filling the pipeline with a proven, credentialed workforce. We execute support for Maritime Electronic Warfare at NSWC Crane, as a prime contractor, providing advanced logistics, installation service, foreign military sales support, and fleet support. STIMULUS has a thorough understanding of readiness needs of the Warfighter, identifying and providing quality solutions for the best price.


Moving Forward…

STIMULUS offers advanced third-party logistics and obsolescence planning, with an emphasis on readiness engineering and comprehensive life-cycle support for Department of Defense systems. We seek to commercialize strategically focused technology, identifying and anticipating market opportunities and launching new ventures in Indiana and across the nation.

STIMULUS offers the following solutions:

Electronic Warfare

STIMULUS creates solutions for the American warfighter. Through our prime contract with NSWC Crane, we support Maritime Electronic Warfare (EW) requirements for the Department of Defense. STIMULUS is providing the engineering, technical, and logistical support for the systems and equipment that provide a critical line of defense against threats.

  • We know EW systems and programs. Whether we are providing advanced logistics for systems, tracking data, or maintaining legacy equipment, STIMULUS is known for its effective support of AN/SLQ-32, SEWIP, NULKA rounds, and a host of others.
  • We install within the United States and around the globe. This includes foreign military sales to American allies and full technical support for hardware, software, and firmware.
  • We respond to the fleet when there are problems or inquiries. STIMULUS provides quick and effective resolutions, working in partnership with technical specialists, and tracking and analyzing metrics.
  • We manage data, reviewing and revising key documents and reports to provide perfectly accurate information at a moment’s notice. Our procedures allow us to track trends and maintain a proactive approach.

Electro Optics and Radar

STIMULUS creates solutions in electro-optics and radar systems.

  • We know EO and Radar systems. STIMULUS provides engineering, technical, and scientific support for multiple systems, including the AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-64, SPQ-9B radars, and Aegis Microwave Tubes.
  • We track From data to logistics to customer satisfaction, STIMULUS remains excels in accurate, accessible information for EO and Radar systems and customers. Our staff has regularly been recognized for creating and maintaining excellent database services.
  • We recruit the best. STIMULUS provides professionals with extensive experience as a physicists and project engineers.

Technology Commercialization

STIMULUS creates solutions for technology commercialization. Together with our friends at NorthTech Partners, we are working to bridge the gap between technical genius and business acumen. With a team of highly-qualified, professional advisers STIMULUS and NorthTech are building opportunities to develop and commercialize technology. We employ experts in business, science, engineering, technology, marketing, education, and project development who can identify, develop, and execute technology commercialization within the markets of defense & security, biotechnology, energy, software solutions, and much more.

STIMULUS is fast becoming one of South Central Indiana’s premier small businesses. We are small enough to have the flexibility to take opportunities when they are ready, and strong enough to see those opportunities through to successful completion. Working with government agencies (DoD, DoE, etc), academia, non-profits, and internationally recognized technology integrators, we have the resources and the partners to realize commercial plans.

NorthTech and STIMULUS are working with intentionally-developed products, projects, and systems for rapid commercialization.

Workforce Development

STIMULUS creates solutions for workforce development. As the prime contractor responsible for NSWC Crane’s workforce development training needs, STIMULUS is actively creating curriculum, recruiting instructors, and tracking performance in everything from basic computer skills and Microsoft Office Suite, to leadership and mentoring skills.

  • We train workers and leaders. Whether we are filling up one of our computer labs for software training or breaking out into small groups for team building and leadership exercises, STIMULUS is meeting the workforce needs that will keep NSWC Crane and Indiana strong.
  • We understand the needs of workers and employers. As a small business, we know how important it is to have access to a skilled and available workforce. As a company of hard working Hoosiers, STIMULUS staff is constantly learning and growing professionally.
  • We innovate. When we recognize a need, we never wait for the customer to ask for help. This approach has led STIMULUS to great success with STEM Premier, rewarding work with regional STEM programming for schools, and continually improving curriculum for NSWC Crane.
  • We provide state-of-the-art facilities. Managing the WestGate Academy Conferencing and Training Center has allowed STIMULUS to reserve an entire wing of the 64,000 square foot facility for workforce development training.

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